Life Force Food Solutions  works with farmers in communities around the world to produce locally-grown, nutritious, and natural foods.  Everyone on this planet is entitled to a diet that supports their body’s needs for growth, replenishment and vitality. 

Our solutions ensure the availability of food by restoring soil, improving water distribution and irrigation methods, eliminating toxins and genetically modified organisms from food production, using organic farming practices, and shortening supply chains.



covid relief funding for FARM businesses

Life Force and the Global Repository have created the Covid Relief Funding for Business (CRFB) program to compensate businesses for the loss of revenue suffered because of city, state/province, and/or national mandates and policies imposed during The Covid Pandemic.

These funds are being made available through the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium in the form of a Grant to cover Two Years of lost revenue per business or organization. You can use this money to pay outstanding debts incurred from previously existing contractual obligations (mortgage, rent, taxes, etc.)

assembly funding

KIMS and The Global Repository are the funding source for Assemblies around the world. Once an Assembly is established, they will submit a pre-funding budget as part of the ratification process. Once an Assembly is ratified, these funds will be used for the initial setup of the Assembly while a more formal budget is established. After a formal budget is established, KIMS and The Global Repository will provide funding for the Assembly, its committees, and the Assembly’s restoration projects.

restoration plan project funding

Restoration projects are a key part of Assembly work. These projects include energy, water, food, air, infrastructure, shelter, education solutions and more based on community needs.

Assembly projects that are included in annual plans are put to bid. Companies, organizations or individuals may also submit projects for funding and the Assembly. These projects will be aligned with community needs and assessed based on direct or extended needs of the community.

If you have a project idea, we recommend you contact your Assembly for guidance.