• The Global Intelligence Agency is the only Agency currently operating under lawful ratification as recognized by the Hall of Records. Each Country has its own branch of the GIA and is the only Agency or Military Branch that has authorization to access the Key Intelligence and Military System.
  • The former Agencies and Militaries that protected the interests of the Federal Reserve and the elite hierarchy that controlled governments, media, business, and the assets of the planet have been officially dissolved. This includes the FBI, CIA, MI6, NSA, and every intelligence or military organization that has been funded by the Global Repository formerly known as Global Central Bank.
  • The GIA is an independent agency not affiliated with any formerly recognized Agency, including the C.I.A.
  • The GIA operates in cooperation with the Peoples de jure Assemblies, and is charged with the responsibility of protecting the interests of the people.

Life Force Enforcement

The GIA is an extension of Life Force Enforcement which currently acts as Global Law Enforcement. Life Force Enforcement preventatively responds to ensure that rogue groups do not successfully execute terrorist activity of any kind. The GIA bylaws govern the activity and scope of responsibility charged to the GIA, Life Force Enforcement, and any group claiming to act as Law Enforcement, whether locally, nationally, or internationally.

The GIA does not dictate how these Natural Laws are to be enforced, observed, or explained. The manifestation of the statutes, codes, ordinances, and rules of every kind must adhere to the spirit of the law. The Ambassadors for the GIA are trained to comprehend the intent and purpose defined in the bylaws below, and agree to respect the diversity unique to each community, assembly, and country, and its specific values.