The Global Health and Wellness Consortium has replaced the World Health Organization of the United Nations. This decision was made because the WHO has lost all credibility by supporting the corrupt United Nations Agenda to reduce the population. The Charter, support, and funding for both organizations have been dissolved.

The Global Health and Wellness Consortium is the only health organization recognized and ratified in the Hall of Records, and the only organization with the authority to make treatment recommendations.

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Life Force Assurance is the evolution of Health Insurance. Unlike insurance that is available in the event that you get sick, Assurance assures that you stay healthy. Life Force Assurance is in its testing stage to work out the details, but it is a product that will be provided to everyone free of charge.

Life Force Assurance provides coverage for all types of holistic treatments, medical procedures, and preventative care. Health practitioners are reimbursed instantly, and people are guaranteed to receive the highest quality care from all Life Force Assurance care givers.

clinical research on your terms

Peer reviewed clinical evidence that’s written in terms that help people make practical decisions about what choices are best for themselves and their families. It’s essential that informed consent is applied to every aspect of healing so that people understand how techniques, protocols, and products directly effect their health and what the options are. 

eastern and western medicine come together

Doctor means teacher and that’s a key role they play in teaching us how our bodies heal themselves. The current medical practice has been boxed in to comply with mandated protocols that limit their ability to make sound decisions about the treatment and diagnosis of their patients. We work to restore the role of the physician as a teacher and expert in multiple modalities of healing and we support clinical research in all areas deemed a viable solution to any condition.