Peoples government
service department



  • The Peoples Government Services Department (PGSD) is responsible to oversee operations and provide guidance to the newly formed de jure Assemblies and their various departments.
  • The PGSD also establishes guidelines and procedures to formalize governance, sets the standards of operations across departments, communicates changes in governance procedures, establishes reporting protocols, oversees security and technical operations, authorizes new procedures within established guidelines approved by the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium (GPRC), acts as the primary liaison on governance matters between the Interim Head of State, the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) and the GPRC and, ensures that the integrity of the fundamental principles, operational procedures, and spirit of the Restoration Plan, and the Resolution of One Accord are protected, enforced, and honored in the execution of the department’s responsibilities.


We establish our Assemblies and access this Authority by signing the “Declaration of Independence for The Living Beings of Earth”. This document empowers us with this authority for the good of all living beings. State or Provincial Constitutions are established on this Authority. If there is a National Assembly, a State or Provincial Constitution derives its authority from the National Constitution and the Declaration mentioned above. This conveys the authority of the Nation to the State/Province, the State/County to the County and so on, and establishes the sovereignty of the State, County or City authority to exercise self-governance under, and if necessary separately from, the National, State or County Authorities.

We sign the “Resolution of One Accord” as sovereign beings and enter into the social compact with every other living being. This includes Kimberly Ann Goguen, Life Force and the GIA. We are all inextricably bound in this transformation of the world as we currently know it.