the global restoration plan

working with assemblies

  • The Global Restoration Plan is a Revitalization & Redistribution of Basic Life Essentials.    Clean water to drink and bathe in, fresh unpolluted air, safe affordable shelter, eco-friendly affordable energy, life sustaining affordable food, a cleaner environment for all life, and a safe community to live in.
  • Each community knows best what their community needs.  The Global Restoration Plan’s goal is to help communities revitalize themselves by offering new people-powered support to the people who live in common unity all over this big, beautiful world.


By providing a platform of Assemblies where people can connect with other people, the Global Restoration Plan encourages us to openly share our knowledge, skills, abilities, talents, brainstorms and acquired wisdom to help each other solve today’s problems. Doing so, we can restore our lawful rights regarding health, welfare, child & elder protection, energy, spirituality, laws, finances, security, education, environmental protection & regulations, and government influence.

working with assemblies

KIMS and The Global Repository are the funding source for Assemblies and Restoration Projects around the world. Once an Assembly is established, they will submit a pre-funding budget as part of the ratification process. Once an Assembly is ratified, these funds will be used for the initial setup of the Assembly while a more formal budget is established. After a formal budget is established, KIMS and The Global Repository will provide funding for the Assembly, its committees, and the Assembly’s restoration projects.

restoration plan project funding

Restoration projects are a key part of Assembly work. These projects include energy, water, food, air, infrastructure, shelter, education solutions and more based on community needs.

The Global Restoration Plan – Returning Sovereignty of Spirit, Human Dignity, Fairness & Fair Play, Prosperity & Passion, to the Human Experience.

If you have a project idea, we recommend you contact your Assembly for guidance.