The Science and Technology Consortium is a science fair for adults, a laboratory for inventors and innovators, and a solutions development facility for the world.  We bring together scientists, engineers, inventors and creatives to locations around the world to solve challenges of energy, water, food, air, soil, shelter, health & wellness, transportation, education and more.  The goal is to manifest the technologies that accelerate the Restoration Plan while bringing abundance to all.

Inventors and innovators need environments that inspire them to explore and create.  Our Science and Technology Consortium Centers will offer people locations in which to live and work as part of communities so that their creations solve local, regional and global challenges.   And we are innovating with compensation so that royalties from inventions are shared among a cooperative.

science fairs for adults

The Science and Technology Consortium Centers are open for you, your families and your children to explore.  We showcase solutions and technologies, and demonstrate their applications to local and global communities. In addition, we hold seminars and webinars so that people near and far can participate in the Restoration Plan.

The Science and Technology Consortium Centers may be science fairs for adults, but they are also inspiration centers for children.  Solving the challenges we face will last many generations, and we will need the creativity, ingenuity and resourcefullness of the young people who are coming onto the planet.  They are born with a different sensibility and rememberance, and they know what needs to be done!  Bring them in and have them tell the scientists and inventors what to do!

laboratories for inventors and innovators

Inventors, innovators, scientists and engineers need labs and workshops that inspire and clear the path to manifesting technologies and solutions.  Too often, these creatives are encumbered by a lack of funding, people and necessary resources.  We change that.  The Science and Technology Consortium Centers provide environments that inspire with state of the art equipment, machinists to build prototypes, engineers for design, and administration staff for support.

While the goal of the Science and Technology Consortium Centers is to support the needs of the Assemblies and Restoration Plans, we encourage people to think different and combine their experiences and knowledge from across domains.  This is where invention and innovation thrive.


solutions development centers

Our Solutions Development Centers bring inventions and innovations to the world.  Solutions are based on the current and future needs assessments of Assemblies and the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium.  Once an invention or innovation is ready for production, our teams of industrial design experts create the manufacturing, production, distribution and implementation operations to bring the solutions to communities.

Manufacturing, production and distribution centers are designed to be highly replicable so they can be built in any location around the world.  And, coupled with implementation and project teams, we provide local solutions delivery for restoration projects.